My name is Jason Medici. If you’ve ever felt an insatiable curiosity, you and I have something in common. I’m passionate about a number of things spanning from biochemistry to freediving to psychology and social development. I find it fascinating how societies are shaped and the things they prioritize. In the same way, the choices made within the human brain offer just as much fruitful analysis. As a true nerd at heart, exploring my perceptions of the world is a daily enjoyment.

I do a lot of writing, and a select few of my works have made it into print. In the past, I’ve focused on fiction for the sake of presenting interesting stories. Over the years however, my outlook towards writing has changed. While fiction still offers the opportunity to create fantastic characters and places, my use of it has expanded to incorporate concepts I’d love to see in the real world. My first attempt at this was in The Leg Debate, and it’s my hope to expand on this view of society and social development in the future.

My blog is where I write about anything and everything that comes to mind from sustainable practices to personal lifestyle. Our world is always ripe for improvement. Yes, some ideas will be better than others. And if a few gems are found amongst the stones, then the blog serves its purpose.

Raised on the beaches of California, my lifestyle changed dramatically while completing my graduate degree at the University of Nottingham. This led me to consider what else could be improved upon, and it became the driving force behind examining of the world around me.

If life is what each of us chooses to make of it, then I prefer to spend mine discovering the answers to questions I haven’t yet learned to ask. So I study as often as I can – continually taking in new information and hoping to see things that no one else does. And by sharing these thoughts in a community of fellow adventurous thinkers, perhaps they will find meaning.

- Jason