The Leg Debate

Taking a leap to redesign the human body means acknowledging the flaws in the original construct. In a society split between science and faith, how many innovations can be made before the delicate balance falls apart? How far can one side advance before the other pushes back? For geneticists David Allens and Alice Clarke, to co-exist is no longer beneficial. Mankind must progress and become something more. For some, it's a breakthrough. For others, such practices create unnatural mutations that should be destroyed. When the world renowned Dresden Industries announces the latest upgrade in human evolution, the clock is set to bring about the most important advance in human history or the destruction of science altogether. Thought provoking and creative, The Leg Debate questions the realities of our nature and what it means to be human.

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Hostile Living

Will can’t seem to get his life together. College abroad drags on when the only thought on his mind is putting that chapter to an end. Returning to Nottingham where the nightlife is a collage of sex, alcohol, and the many vices of a decaying society, any future is hard to see. The hostel, his home for a time, is a mix of over-indulgent weekenders and people from across the globe trying to slowly carve out lives for themselves. All gamble on success or being cast to the wayside. When a French woman walks the path of self-identity and a romance unfolds, Will is forced to give his life shape for better or for worse. Gritty and untamed, Hostile Living is that hopeful pursuit of something better when the world demands self-destruction.

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Neverland’s Lament

If the body is forever a child, does the mind remain young also? Peter shrugged the question away without a second thought. As a boy, having fun was all that mattered. But the nightmares came every night, and his own tears kept him far from peace. There was a past he could never remember, and whatever had been so precious and misplaced seemed gone forever. How could he be expected to remember yesterday when Peter prided himself in living in the moment? The past was too painful, and his mind didn’t dare venture into such dark waters. Though Neverland was his island, the boy feared losing control. The pirates outnumbered his lost boys. And to make matters worse, their captain desired his death no matter the cost. The world would turn right again when the missing memories were restored. But without any idea where to begin, a story from the young Wendy was his only hope of piecing together the mystery of his loss and returning to that place of eternal joy and happiness.

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