Chapter Samples


Neverland's Lament

Chapter One - The Forgetful Boy

They were always the wrong words, Peter thought with frustration as he pulled his head away from the cold, glass windowpane while listening to voices on the other side. There was a story nearly every night, but the teller could never get it right. He wrinkled his nose and scratched his head with irritation.

He had flown for what seemed like hours to hear the mysterious storyteller practice her art...

Hostile Living

Chapter One - The Here and Now

There wasn’t much of a choice, Will thought as he carried an excessive amount of luggage up two narrow flights of stairs and into a bedroom. There were six unoccupied beds to choose from. Each one had been covered in a cheap and uncomfortable white sheet to hide the evidence of sexual abuse and other natural disasters endured over years of wear. The window had been opened on this warm summer day, but it wasn’t enough to blow away...

The Leg Debate

Chapter One

Dresden Industries boasts the largest and most state of the art laboratories in the country, and why wouldn’t they? It was no secret that wonders flourish inside those walls – the Calcunists saw them as miracles. Fashion of the times dictates that it’s no longer enough to be. Progress, constant and ever evolving, is necessary.

The world is dull and boring. This was, of...

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